Bildeleringen is a cooperative and is 100% owned by our members. Therefore you must buy a share when you become a member. The share is also a deposit and will be refunded if you at a later time terminate your membership.
You will pay a monthly fee, and otherwise only when using the car. All expenses on fuel, maintenance, tire change, annual fees, depreciation, interest and insurance are included in the hourly rate and kilometer levy.

Private Membership:
Persons over 20 years and a driving licenses can join. A membership includes two users who can make reservations separately.

Corporate Membership:
Companies can also become members. Businesses can have more than two users connected to the same membership

What you pay:
• Share Deposit NOK 7000, - refundable upon withdrawal
• Enrollment fee NOK 400, -
• Withdrawal fee NOK 400, -
• Monthly fee for private membership is NOK 100,- invoiced for 6 months in advance
• Monthly Fee for corporate membership is  NOK 300, invoiced for 6 months in advance.

What you get:
• Access to the reserve among all Bildeleringen’s cars, as well as the opportunity to book cars through Bilkollektivet in Oslo and Trondheim Bilkollektiv
• Continuous maintenance of all vehicles, service monitoring, tire change etc
• Constant development of vehicle fleet with new cars and models
• Cars placed in over 80 different locations in the Bergen area.